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Upgrade My Kitchen – Quick!

Upgrading the kitchen is a “want to do” on many homeowners’ lists.  It’s a worthy project as most kitchen and bath remodels are a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost, according to HGTV.com.

But whether it’s an investment, or a personal project for the heart of the home, a new kitchen look is a fun, impactful improvement to any house.  Where to begin?  Determining whether it will be a weekend project with new paint, faucets or lighting or a full $50,000+ remodel is a good starting point.  Either way, one thing is certain – a beautiful, updated and functional kitchen is enriching and fulfilling.

A simple refresh can make the holidays bright

If time or budget constraints mean changing just a few elements of the kitchen, focus on things that make the most impact. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or it merits calling in a professional, these are easy projects that can typically be accomplished within a weekend.  

A fresh coat of paint -  Painting is always at the top of the list when a redo is in order.   An affordable, high-impact way to change the look of a kitchen, paint has the power to change a room’s mood or tone.  If the appliances, cabinets or countertops are staying the same, be sure to select a new color that complements those major elements

Add new accessories - Switching out details in a kitchen can make the room feel entirely new. So easy ideas are replacing the island bar stools, changing the color of accent pieces, installing a new faucet or hanging a few new pieces of art or photos on the wall.

Change the light fixture - Often underestimated, the kitchen light fixture has a lot of influence in the overall style of the room. Choosing a different design or style can improve the look of the room and will add significant convenience and functionality. Light fixtures such as the Olivera pendant light from Linea Lighting can bring an entirely new theme to an existing space.

With today’s growing popularity in cooking and a rise in the number of at-home chefs, these simple updates make it easy to love your kitchen.  Whether you’re looking to enhance a traditional decor, add sleekness to a contemporary professional-grade room, or something in between, leveraging lighting and other elements can help set the tone for the entire home.