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Spring Home Checklist

It’s spring and it’s time to give homes a good maintenance once-over. Whether it’s forgetting to inspect the gutters or failing to check the integrity of electrical wires, a whole host of problems can sprout from unintentional neglect.

Many home checks are pretty straight forward and these can be performed without much trouble. This Old House and Todayshomeowner.com note plenty that a motivated homeowner can do alone.

Outside Check List

  • ⬜ Visually inspect trees to make sure they are clear of power lines
  • ⬜ Check for loose or leaning fence posts
  • ⬜ Inspect the siding for stains (which could point to a leak)
  • ⬜ Take note of signs of insects or wild animal infestations
  • ⬜ Inspect gutters and downspouts - clean or schedule a cleaning if necessary
  • ⬜ Remove brush and debris from foundation walls
  • ⬜ Clean A/C unit and schedule service if necessary
  • ⬜ Help prevent mosquitoes by getting rid of any standing water.
  • Inside Check List

  • ⬜ Check window and door screens for holes and tears
  • ⬜ Replace the furnace filter and remove any dust or combustible items like paper, paint or fuel from around the furnace
  • ⬜ Check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers
  • ⬜ Inspect for mold in bathrooms, laundry rooms and wherever there is moisture
  • ⬜ Check the lighting fixtures. Replace any burnt out bulbs. Also check sockets and cords. If they are loose or frayed, it’s time for a new light. Check out the wide variety at linealighting.com
  • ⬜ Change rotation on ceiling fans to counterclockwise
  • A home is not static. Systems wear down and wear out. A clean bill of health at move-in is not a guarantee for zero future problems. Smart homeowners will be aware of these factors and will plan ahead in order to keep their homes in good condition.