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Four Home Decorating Trends that Will Impress in 2020

A new year is upon us and many homeowners will ring in 2020 by giving their homes an updated look. Those that want to stay on the cutting edge of interior design will be researching the latest in home décor to uncover the design trends that will work for them. Linea Lighting has complied the four most impactful trends of 2020 – so read on to reveal the trends that we think will help bring homeowners one step closer to the home of their dreams.

The Right Lighting is Key

The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to a room’s mood as well as the look and aesthetic of the artwork and furniture being displayed. In 2020, expect to see industrial lighting come into play in a big way. Lighting will feature modern designs with mixed materials including black metals, glass and clean, simple lines. 

Using different types of lighting in a room is another 2020 focus. Pendants with sconces and chandeliers with can lighting are two examples of how lighting is mixing it up for the new year. Check out the new Caserti collection from Linea Lighting for a great example of how lights can mix and match with each other. 

Embrace Color

In 2020, expect to see a movement away from the once popular stark whites by playing with color in all rooms of the home. Designers anticipate fewer all white kitchens as these will be embellished with natural wood elements and pops of color. Cabinets and islands will feature bold and vibrant tones like yellows, greens and orange.

Earthy tones such as terracotta or clay will continue their popularity from 2019 to be front and center in 2020.  Expect to continue to see warm putty paint colors inspired by aged plaster, earthenware, and clay.

And when it comes to depth, Classic Blue is the 2020 color of the year. Along with peacock blue, charcoal, and off-black, they make for a colorful contrast that works well with most colors and styles and adds sophistication to any room.

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Sustainability Still Rules

With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, sustainable furniture is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Expect to see furniture made from eco-friendly materials like acacia and rattan. In addition to being kind to the environment, these furnishings also provide a nostalgic look that works well in a country home.

In addition to purchasing furnishings made from sustainable materials, more earthy elements will be incorporated into interior design. Wood finishes and warm colors will be heavily featured, and more plant life will be brought inside homes. Olive trees will be the fauna of the new year providing a great aesthetic along with healthier air in interior spaces.

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Go Vintage

Everything that’s old is new again. Time may be moving forward, but design trends are going back as homeowners are incorporating vintage looks with a modern twist.

Features like spooled legs and spindles which were prevalent in the 1800’s and early 1900’s will be reappearing on various pieces of furniture. Antique art will be decorating more walls. Cozy fabrics like lush velvet, distressed leather and soft mohair will bring us back in time. And even the bathroom is expected to get a predated update with free-standing tubs becoming more popular in the new year.

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2020 is here and it has brought a slew of exciting interior design trends along with it. Which will you be embracing to give your home an updated look?