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Dining Room Lighting Trends for 2020

The dining room is a place for families to gather and create memories. The right lighting gives this room an added sense of style and warmth that makes the atmosphere even more inviting.

2020 has arrived and it has brought new dining room lighting trends along with it. Linea Lighting has put together a list of some of the hottest looks in dining room lighting. Read on to find out what you can expect to see more of in the coming year.

Smoked Glass Makes a Comeback

Smoke glass pendants are a great way to add color and provide a sophisticated finish to your dining room. These subtle shades are the perfect complement to any design and pair well with mid-century modern or contemporary looks.

Linea Lighting’s Effimero Cluster Pendant Light has a striking polished smoke look as well as a clean, modern design that makes it the perfect addition to any style dining room. Try a subtle smoke look with the brushed nickel option or turn things up a notch with the dramatic black.

Paint it Black

For 2020 interior design trends, black is the new black. Embrace it by choosing black lighting fixtures or fixtures with black elements. When it comes to black, anything goes, including mixing matte and glossy finishes and traditional and alternative looks.

An easy way to bring back into any dining room is by adding this Vizerta Industrial Pendant Light. This fixture combines black with geometric interest for a light that works well in any industrial, modern or farmhouse setting.

Mixed Media 

Mixing materials is a terrific way to add interest to any room. Materials can be mixed in various fixtures and furnishings or within the fixtures themselves.

Dining room chandeliers make the perfect art project when it comes to mixing materials. Metals, glass and other elements can be used to provide a look that combines the rustic with the modern to give your décor a new spin.

The Caserti Mid Century 6 Light is a great example of mixed media lighting. The sleek metal works well with the glass bulbs to provide a space-age look that is perfect for both contemporary and vintage settings.

Merge the Old with the New


Another great combination is merging styles of the past with looks of the present to provide a modern aesthetic with vintage elements. Designers are mixing it up by incorporating this edgy style with nods to the past that come together to give an updated feel to home décor.

Linea Lighting’s Bella 6 Light Chandelier is the perfect example of a fixture that combines the old with the new. It has a distinctly contemporary industrial look that is complemented by Edison light bulbs which were commonly used in the late 1800’s.

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. These trendy light fixtures can provide an updated look that will make it a place that instantly draws guests in to create memories that will be treasured forever. Which of these will you be using to give your dining room a 2020 update?