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Dazzling Dining Rooms

A dining room can take on many forms. Whether it’s a dedicated, formal area or a more modern open dining space; it’s important to create a room that feels fit for a celebration yet is still functional for day-to-day living. Dining rooms can blend in, serve as transitions, or have their own unique character.

Regardless of the space configuration, the key is to strike a balance between comfort and style. With many homeowners seeking to update or refresh their dining area with a more exciting or inventive flair; here are a few dining room ideas that can help make that happen.

Anchor the Space with a Rug

Rugs have always been an important part of home decorating and in a dining area, there’s a good chance the dining table will be the focal point of the room. Adding a rug to define the table space with color and texture is a great way to take design all the way to the floor. Ensure the rug is at least 24 inches wider than the table on each side so chairs may easily slide out without going over the edge of the rug.


Brighten the Room with Lights

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in effective dining room design. It also can be one of the most fun elements to choose. Depending on the design direction, lighting can either complement a space or define it. Going boldly mid-century? A strong globe and stem light fixture such as the Caserti chandelier from Linea Lighting will make a dramatic focal statement.

Looking for a subtler transitional style? A linear chandelier such as the Linea Lighting Verona 5-light chandelier or a grouping of pendant lights might be the answer.

While lights create a beautiful visual effect over a table, in a large room consider additional lighting over a sideboard or buffet. To ensure that light spreads evenly throughout the room consider adding pendant lights or recessed lighting to illuminate the corners.

Add Interesting and Unique Artwork

Most dining rooms benefit from the addition of artwork. It's a finishing touch that makes the space look well-curated and complete. While personal taste helps determine what pictures to land on the wall, there are also websites to aid art buyers of all experience and budget levels.

Sites like Uprise Art and art.com take some of the guesswork out of using art for home design. Or check out this great article from Apartment Therapy for more ideas on where to find art inspiration .

Go Bold with Color

One of the simplest dining room upgrades is to add new color to the walls. Painting the entire room or just adding an accent wall can add sophistication and contrast to tables, chairs and other furniture.

Light colored walls are more interesting than white walls and give the dining area a soft, neutral feeling without being boring. Bolder colors like blue, which is seldom used in dining rooms, reds and oranges which are lively and encourage sociability and greens which can be crisp and energetic will give any space a fresh look.

It can be a challenge to create a dining space that feels special enough for formal occasions and functional enough for daily use. But a little thought, planning and inspiration will result in in a dining room with just the right blend of comfort and style.