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Bring a Retro Vibe into a Modern Home

The art deco look of the 1920’s, the clashing fabrics of the 1940’s, the eco-friendly vibes of the 1970’s, the grunge-inspired décor of the 1990’s. These may be styles of decades past but they can work in a modern interior with the right updated flair.

Homeowners that want a little something different can incorporate pieces of these looks into their room designs. Linea Lighting has compiled a list of idea-starters that can be incorporated into décor to make everything that is old new again.

Mix and Match Fabrics

The 1940’s was an era characterized by clashing fabrics and color palettes meant to bring a sense of fun into the home. An easy way to bring an essence of that trend back is by mixing and matching materials. Don’t be afraid to put velvet pillows on a leather couch and add a textured rug to create interest.

Maximize color combinations with accent walls, brightly colored doors and cabinets.

Head over to Laurel Home to find out their designer secrets for mixing fabrics in a room.


Chandeliers became popular in the 15th century as more elaborate lighting designs were introduced. They never really went out of fashion, and today, they are bolder and better than ever.

An attractive element that can work as the focal point of the room, chandeliers range from classic 16th century traditional to modern geometric.

Linea Lighting’s Marabella Sputnik Chandelier has a distinct retro vibe which is modernized with exposed filament bulbs and adjustable arms and is an eye-catching update for traditional and modern homes alike.

Eco-Friendly Looks

The eco-friendly vibe was big in the 60’s and 70’s, inspiring (the use of earth tone color schemes) and the addition of live foliage in the interior of the home. Today’s emphasis on caring for the environment has brought this trend back into our rooms with plenty of neutrals, potted plants and reclaimed wood furnishings.

Stylist rounds up the retro greenery trends that should be considered for any modern décor.

Add Vintage Items to Your Display Areas

Little knick-knacks are great for brightening up shelf areas but to get that old school look, go all out by placing vintage items in key areas of the room. A manual typewriter, old books, items that have been inherited and flea market finds can all add a retro vibe without taking away from the overall theme of the room.

Don’t have time to browse antique shops or garage sales for vintage pieces? Etsy and Ebay both offer online treasure hunting at its best.

When it comes to vintage décor, almost any decade can work when it comes to updating the look of your rooms. Which ones will inspire your design choices?