Sferra LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light - REPLACEMENT GLASS

Sferra LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light - REPLACEMENT GLASS

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  • Glass Replacement Shade for LL-P201 Sferra Pendant Light.
  • Glass Only

Does this light come with a matching cover plate?
A matching canopy is included with the fixture.

Are these 8" or 10"? They appeared under 10" but the descricption says 8".
Thanks for your inquiry. The glass shade for this fixture is 8 inches in diameter.

What is the size of the opening in the globe?
Thank you for your inquiry. The size of the opening is about 3.75 inches in diameter.

is there a chandelier that coordinates with these pendants and the sconces?
Thank you for your inquiry. Currently there is no chandelier to complement these pendants and sconces

Does the light come with metal rod?
Thank you very much for inquiring. This fixture does not come with a metal rod and is in fact cord hung.

Hi all, how do I change the light bulb? I cant get the outer covering off.
Thanks for your inquiry. You should remove the two screws above the glass shade. Lift metal plate up and slide the glass shade off of the metal part attached to the socket. You can then replace the bulb and and reverse the steps to reassemble the fixture.