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Why should I choose Linea di Liara?

At Linea di Liara, we have decades of experience designing and producing lighting for the most demanding of environments, with an emphasis on quality materials and workmanship.  We offer a superior product at an excellent price, with exceptional customer service.  

Are all of your lighting fixtures UL approved?

Absolutely, each of our products meets the relevant UL standard and is affixed with either the UL or ETL mark.

How do I install my new Linea di Liara lighting fixture?

We include instructions for installation with every product.  Please make sure that before installation, you disconnect power to the fixture at the circuit breaker or fuse box.  Although replacing an existing fixture is typically within the skill range of an experienced DIYer, if you are at all uncomfortable, or if required by code or regulation, please consult a qualified electrician.

What kind of bulbs should I use with my Linea di Liara fixture?

Most of our products have a standard medium base (E26) socket – this is the screw type socket that most people are familiar with.  You can use almost any bulb – including LED, CFL, Halogen or Incandescent.

What bulb should I use with clear glass shades?

In situations where the bulb is highly visible, we typically recommend an Edison or filament style bulb.  Traditionally these were only available as incandescents, but recently LED versions have become very popular.  If a higher light output is required, clear glass incandescent bulbs are an option.

Are your fixtures dimmable?

Most of our hardwired fixtures are dimmable, when paired with a dimmable bulb.  Incandescent bulbs are almost always dimmable, and dimmable LED and CFL bulbs are also available.  Please note that CFL and LED bulbs may require a special electronic dimmer specifically intended to dim that bulb type.

How do I purchase replacement glass, shades, stems or extra parts?

We have replacement parts available for most products, please contact us for more information. See most of our replacement parts here.



What height should I hang a pendant light?

Above a kitchen island or dining table, the general rule of thumb is 28-36 inches above the surface. In a foyer, suspend the pendant so that the bottom hangs approximately 84” from the floor.

How many pendants should I have over my kitchen island?

Designers often speak of a “rule of three” when it comes to pendants over an island.  Although a good starting point, pendants look best when their size and scale are in harmony with the room.  Try to space the center of the pendants 26-32” apart, and don’t be afraid to break the rules completely – both rows of 5+ pendants and 1-2 large pendants can be powerful focal points.

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