Pendants Always Make An Impact

One of the most popular, and cost effective ways to upgrade a kitchen is to replace recessed lights or builder grade pendants over the island or peninsula.  Dollar for dollar, no other upgrade has the same impact or ability to showcase your sense of style, while providing task lighting exactly where needed.

First, take a look at the room.  Is it light and airy?  Narrow and dark?  Scandinavian modern or traditional Americana?  Choose a pendant that doesn’t overwhelm the space, or get lost in it.  Try to scale closely to the surface under it – whether a dining table or island.

Clear glass pendants are extremely popular because they allow your guests to see through them when off, and provide illumination throughout the entire room when on.

Metal shades direct light primarily downwards, and provide a powerful accent.  Chrome, brushed nickel and black shades are all popular choice.

We are frequently asked how many pendants to put above a kitchen island.  An oft repeated maxim is the rule of threes – which is a good starting point.  Odd numbers do tend to provide balance, but sometimes two eye catching pendants are all a space needs.  Try to keep the bulbs approximately 24-30” apart, so a standard 8’ island would take three pendants.

Hanging heights are again a common question.  We typically recommend hanging pendants 30” above a countertop, with higher ceiling heights calling for a greater space between the bottom of the pendant and the counter.  For standard 36” counters, we recommend the bottom of the pendant be 66” from the floor to the bottom of the pendant, while 11 foot ceilings should have the bottom of the pendant approximately 75” from the floor.

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