Lighting Can Define Your Style

You signed the mortgage, picked the perfect accent color, carefully selected every piece of furniture that is placed atop a well crafted plush throw rug, only to rest your feet on the coffee table, and stare at the very tarnished vintage chandelier you vowed to change when you attended the open house 3 months ago.

Lighting is just as much a part of the room as the furniture you lounge on, and the vintage signed Lennon piece that brings life to a wall. It can speak volumes about you. It is a reflection of your style, and the mood you wish to convey. A well crafted piece with the right finish can be the icing on the mid century modern family room you took months to create.

The Modern/ Contemporary Styles have clean lines, little to no ornamentation, and single tone finishes, almost minimalist in nature. One might look at the executive in the slim cut suit with the vintage leather wingtips to celebrate this aesthetic. While the connoisseur of ornamentation, hand crafted materials, and appreciation of the of a very ornate crown molding, would reflect their style through Traditional Lighting. The balance between the two would be Transitional Style Lighting. Softer lines, with warmer finishes. One would say you are warm and approachable.
Textures and finishes of the fixture are an integral part of the mood you are trying to convey. Chrome and nickel translate a modern sophistication, while dark bronze warms up a space making the next holiday just a little bit more comfortable. Alternate materials like acrylic, wood, and fabrics can bring warmth to the colder finishes, giving them balance. The key to great style is cohesion, pairing a black belt with black shoes is just as important as a pendant set matching the finish of the cabinetry hardware. A design will bring your personality to a space, giving it life, and lighting is the key to illuminating this space.

Trends will change. Inspiration will allow you to flex your creativity, giving your space life with a reflection of yourself. Every detail, through finish, texture, color, and materials are a well contemplated process that gives everyone an incite to your sense of style.

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”
Oscar de la Renta
Linea di Liara
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