Design A Lighting Fixture Plan


Every Successful design needs cohesion. Valuing the aesthetic quality of your space is important because of the amount of time you spend living in and enjoying it. As with most elements of design, is not only it’s appearance, but the principal reason, the functionality. Lighting is a prime example of this. Lighting should not be considered an afterthought, but a valued piece of the design as a whole.

Making a sketch of the area, highlighting key areas of interest, can be a great benefit when choosing the right fixture, or fixtures for the space.The diagram will show the amount of fixtures you will need, the areas they will be most utilized, and act as a guide for installation placement. Do not let this frighten you if sketching is not your speed. Free programs like Sketch-up and Homestyler allow anyone to create quick diagrams of their space.
A few things to consider:

  • Use Light Where needed- Reading areas, pathways, Gathering spaces ect...
  • Lighting your space correctly, Quantity and Quality. Good Fixture layout can distribute light well. Separate task lighting from ambient lighting, and provide good controlability
  • Consider the audience. The needs of the occupant. Is it for grandma? children? or my college son's gaming room.
  • Select lights that define the form form of the space. Compliment the design
  • Identify what the area is used for and how lighting will affect these conditions

Remember, when considering your design, many light fixtures are part of a collection, giving them different uses, such as a wall sconce, ceiling pendant, and Chandelier. All pieces are similar in design, but used in a different capacity.

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